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Workshops, Programs, Special Events. Extended programs like Leading Organizations to Health to weekend workshops, RCHC is serious about creating the change your organization needs. 

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RCHC is comprised of a unique group of highly skilled and trained consultants in the health field. Meet our team and see how your group can benefit from our effective teaching framework.

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Relational Coordination

Relational Coordination, a powerful new framework, describes how groups manage their interdependent tasks to work together effectively under conditions of uncertainty.

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Anthony Suchman, MD

Tony Suchman, RCHC Founder and Senior Consultant, is a Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Rochester and a Visiting Research Scholar at Brandeis University.

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We Don't Simply Teach Courses. We Create Change in the Workplace.

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Improving Work Processes with Relational Coordination April 6-8, 2022



The 13th Cohort of Leading Organizations to Health

Prepare yourself for the challenge of change leadership !  Dates to be announced. To learn more, please visit the LOH Website.  Online Registration Information and Registration available here.


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Why Choose Us?

Within every management and clinical task in health care (and other industries) there are both technical and social dimensions that must be addressed skillfully and mindfully. Yet most leaders are prepared only for the technical dimension. People and performance suffer as a result - patient/clients, staff, and leaders, too. My colleagues and I help leaders build their skills on the social side of the equation, and to fully integrate the social and technical dimensions of their work. We also help them with large scale change projects, including culture change.

We have been leaders in developing and implementing approaches to Relationship-Centered Administration, the backstage administrative process necessary to provide Relationship-Centered Care to patients and their families. We are also leaders in developing applications of Relational Coordination in organizational interventions to improve teamwork, task integration and coordination in collaborations ranging from work teams to whole-institution projects to inter-institutional partnerships.

Because We Know What Works.

A healthcare organization is, at its very core, a set of relationships between its patients and practitioners, among its clinical and administrative staff members, and with its community.

Our consulting, writing and teaching focus on improving healthcare relationships.

We help people work, think and learn together more effectively to reach higher levels of quality, efficiency, patient satisfaction and personal meaning in their work.

What People are Saying About Anthony Suchman & RCHC

Tony has immense credibility, expertise, and knowledge with social awareness of our needs as participants, while beautifully managing or preventing any ego from coming through. He truly role models relational coordination and leadership.

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We work with leaders, teams, departments and whole organizations in the fields of healthcare services and health professions education.

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