About Us

As consultants and teachers, the most effective way that we can foster the practice of Relationship Centered Administration is to embrace these principles ourselves in our work with clients and learners. We hope the biographical sketches in this section will offer you a glimpse of the diverse paths that have brought us to this work.

Who Uses Our Services & Why ?

We work with leaders, teams, departments and whole organizations in the fields of healthcare services and health professions education on such projects as:

>Executive coaching and Leadership Development
>Developing Shared Vision
>Mission and Strategy
>Strengthening working relationships between governance, management and clinicians
>Developing advanced communication and relationship skills for better customer service and team performance
>Redesigning work processes
>Systems integration, and
>Engaging patients and communities as active partners in health care delivery and planning.


All our projects share a common goal of helping people learn to participate more mindfully and skillfully in the conversations and relationships that constitute their organizations.  We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about the potential waiting to be tapped in your organization.


Our Consultants + Program Leaders

Anthony Suchman, M.D.


Tony Suchman is a practicing physician (general internal medicine), organizational consultant and Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Rochester.   |   see full bio

Diane Rawlins, MA, LMHC


Diane Rawlins has been working for over 25 years as a consultant, coach, facilitator and teacher with healthcare leaders and practitioners in the US, UK, and Canada.  |   see full bio

Jennifer Kaukeinen, MS-HSA


Jennifer Kaukeinen, RN, BS, MS-HSA is an experienced coach and organization change consultant and brings enthusiasm, a spirit for continuous learning, and passion for excellence.  |   see full bio

William B. Gunn, Jr., PhD


William B. (Bill) Gunn Jr., PhD received his doctoral degree at Virginia Tech in 1986 in systems thinking and family therapy and has been an educator, therapist, and consultant in organizations both in and out of health care.   |   see full bio

Krista Hirschmann, PhD


Founder of ENHANCE and U.S. Consultant and Master Trainer for the Flinders Program, Krista has a passion for improving the quality of worklife for professional caregivers.  |   see full bio

Neil Baker, MD


Neil Baker M.D. works with healthcare organizations and individual executives to enhance leadership and team impact through In-the-Moment Leadership Strategies.  |   see full bio

Carole Warde, MD, FACP


Carole Warde, MD, FACP is a practicing physician, organizational consultant and Health Sciences Clinical Professor of Medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.  |   see full bio

Why We Do What We Do

We bring to our work a combined total of over 75 years experience in studying and teaching relationship process in a wide variety of clinical and organizational settings. We have learned that when people bring their whole selves to their work, when they learn to pay attention to how they are working together and remain open and responsive in the face of differences, they unleash extraordinary creativity and commitment. New and unanticipated possibilities emerge; projects and people regularly exceed expectations.

To put these insights to work, we have developed an approach that we call Relationship Centered Administration that:

     • Believes in and calls forth the capacity of others
     • Invites people to show up with all their difference and diversity
     • Uses creative meeting formats to harness difference and diversity as a resource
     • Fosters outstanding communication and partnership