Humble Healthcare Workshop

Humble Healthcare: Building Relationships and Culture for System Transformation

Presenters  |  Ed Schein  |  Diane B Rawlins  |  Tony Suchman 

To Be Announced   |  Half Moon Bay, CA  

Program Description

Effective healthcare has always depended upon high quality relationships and effective group collaboration. That’s true now more than ever in this time of system transformation to meet the quadruple aim of high quality, excellent patient experience, low cost, and a healthy workforce. As pointed out by Ed Schein, a leading organizational theorist and master consultant, these relationships cannot be merely transactional (carrying out a mechanical, impersonal task). They need to be personalized, with sufficient engagement and trust to allow people to speak their truth about what’s really happening and be open to hearing each other:

Patients need to be able to disclose what they're really afraid of, describe a symptom that might be embarrassing or acknowledge a high-risk behavior.

Staff members must be able to speak up about errors that have happened or are just about to happen, voice their perceptions and ideas in process improvement projects and give each other feedback about their impact on each other. 

Front line workers and management must be able to tell each other the truth about how things are going and to trust each other enough to make major changes together. 

When people don’t speak up, everyone misses out on critical information. Work can’t be coordinated effectively; the right work may not even get done. Patients and staff feel disconnected, disrespected and dissatisfied. Clinical outcomes and organizational performance suffer. 

Enter Humble Healthcare. Humility is an attitude of respect and service. It is a valuing of and openness to learning from one another. It is the antithesis of arrogantly wielded hierarchical authority, which inhibits the open flow of information and insidiously undermines trust and safety. 

Humble Healthcare means evolving a culture of humility, with trusted relationships at every level – patient-clinician, healthcare team and worker-management – built on a foundation of respect and engagement. 

We invite you to join us – three innovators in the fields of organizational culture, relational coordination and relational leadership – to explore Humble Healthcare in a 2-day workshop. Together we will:  

Define Humble Healthcare and review evidence that shows how much it matters; 

Enhance skills for creating trust and engagement moment by moment in the exam room, the board room and everywhere in between; 

Review principles and methods for evolving a relational organizational culture; 

Think about specific action steps you can take to promote Humble Healthcare in your organization.

Logistics and Schedule

The next workshop will be at the Beach House in Half Moon Bay, CA. The dates to be announced.

Schedule -- Day 1/4:30-9:00 pm; Day 2/8:30 am-9:00 pm; Day 3/8:30 am-12:30 pm. 


Ed Schein is Professor Emeritus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management. He was educated at the University of Chicago, Stanford University, and Harvard University, where he received his Ph.D. in Social Psychology. He worked at the Walter Reed Institute of Research for four years and then joined MIT in 1956, where he taught until 2005. Among his extensive publications are Organizational Psychology, 3d Ed. (1980), Process Consultation Revisited (1999), Organizational Culture and Leadership, 5th Ed. (2010), and The Corporate Culture Survival Guide, 2d Ed., (2009). His most recent books include 2009 he published Helping (2009), a book on the general theory and practice of giving and receiving help, Humble Inquiry (2013) which explores why helping is so difficult in western culture, and Humble Consulting (2016), which revises the whole model of how to consult and coach. Ed continues to consult with various local and international organizations on a variety of organizational culture and career development issues, with special emphasis on safety and quality in health care, the nuclear energy industry, and the US Forest Service. 

Diane B Rawlins, principal at InsideOut Consulting LLC, has been working for over 25 years as a consultant, coach, facilitator and teacher with healthcare leaders and clinicians. Her work is anchored in helping people learn how to thrive and adapt in a world of high urgency, velocity, volume, as well as opportunity and possibility. Diane was a founding partner of Appreciative Inquiry Consulting, LLC, a global consultancy committed to creating positive transformation in organizations and communities. She is currently an affiliate at Cambridge Leadership Associates, as well as a senior consultant for Stanford Health Care. A current focus of her consulting practice is integrating Lean process improvement with adaptive and relational leadership approaches to animate the core Lean principles of respect and continuous improvement.

Anthony L Suchman is a practicing physician, Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Rochester, and senior consultant and founder of Relationship Centered Health Care. Drawing upon diverse interests and experiences, his work focuses on improving human interaction and collaborative decision-making across all levels of healthcare – from the front lines of patient care to the executive suite and boardroom. His most recent book, Leading Change in Healthcare: Transforming Organizations Using Complexity, Positive Psychology and Relationship-Centered Care, has recently been published by Radcliffe Publishing. Dr. Suchman received his MD degree from Cornell University and an MA in Organizational Change from the University of Hertfordshire.


Fee Information

Workshop Fee:

Individual registration: $2,625

Multiple participant registration: $2,375 per person

We offer a multiple participant discount to encourage organizations to send two or more people. This will enhance their learning and increase their impact back home. Each individual will need to register online or submit a registration form.  

Accommodation Fee: Room reservations are made at the time of the workshop registration.

Includes room, taxes and visitors bureau assessment for 2 nights; reception and dinner on Day 1; breakfast, lunch, reception and dinner on Day 2; and breakfast on Day 3. 

Standard Junior Suite: $1,013  (12 rooms available)

Partial Ocean View Junior Suite: $1,106  (6 rooms available) 

Full Ocean View Junior Suite: $1,152

Enrollment is limited to 25 participants. We will process workshop applications/accommodation reservations in the order in which they are received.

For questions about registration and accommodations, please contact Peg Mercier at or 865.691.0550.

Cancellation policy

Reservations canceled on or before (to be announced) are refundable, but subject to a $100 processing fee. For cancellations made after that date, registration and room fees are non-refundable but they can be transferred to another person.

For More Information

Email us or call Tony Suchman at 585.721.9187 or Diane Rawlins at 206.890.0465

Thanks for your interest and we hope to see you at our next workshop!




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