RCRC Roundtable 2021

RCRC Roundtable, November 4-6, 2020




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Program Description

As our world becomes more interdependent, organizations are challenged to manage this interdependence. We need a human movement. We need organizations that foster relational coordination, inclusion and belonging. By doing so, organizations can better achieve their desired outcomes - well-being, quality, efficiency, profitability and innovation - for their stakeholders.

There are health and econmoic advantages to building a realtional society, in addition to our survival as a species. Our well-being at every phase of our life cycle is determined by the kinds of relationships we have. As Adam Smith argued, we need moral sentiments and an effective public sector in order to support a high functioning economy. Organizations can help to build a relational society by building relational coordination internally and in their communities.  

There is a substantial body of empirical evidence showing that relational coordination - coordinating work through relationships of shared goals, shared knowledge and mutual respect - improves outcomes for organizations and their stakeholders. When we cultivate it at three levels - micro, meso and macro - realtional coordination can support a much-needed transformational change.

Dates and location to be announced.

At the 2021 RCC Roundtable, we invite you to come and explore with us as we seek to understand and build a relational society. For more information



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