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Physicians' Trust with One Another [PDF, April 13, 2019]

Avoiding the most common (and fatal) pitfalls of organizational change. Part1: Change how you think about change! [PDF, April 13, 2017]

Avoiding the most common (and fatal) pitfalls of organizational change.Part 2: Attend to the losses that are part of every change [PDF, May 22, 2017]

Avoiding the most common (and fatal) pitfalls of organizational change.Part 3: Hold the tension of change [PDF, July 27, 2017]


Chapters from Leading Organizations to Change

Chapter 2: How we think about organizations: A complexity perspective [PDF]

Chapter 4: Relationship-centered Care and Administration [PDF]

Appendix 2:  Principles and Practices of Relationship-Centered Meetings [PDF]

Appendix 3: A Relationship-Centered Approach to Delegation and Accountability  [PDF]

Articles and monographs

Relational Interventions for Organizational Learning: An Experience Report [PDF]

Physicians' Trust with One Another [PDF]

Annotated Bibliography on Relationship-Centered Administration and Organizational Change [PDF]
Literature reviews and studies on the effect of relationships on organizational outcomes.  Also lists references on Relationship-Centered Care, Relationship-Centered Administration, Appreciative Inquiry, interpersonal and emotional neurobiology, and complexity-inspired perspectives on organizations and organizational change.

Organizations as Machines, Organizations as Conversations: Two Core Metaphors and their Consequences [PDF] 

Health Professions Education and Relationship Centered Care - Tresolini [External Site]

Relationship-centered Care - A Constructive Reframing [PDF]

The Foundational Metaphors and Theories of Relationship Centered Administration [PDF]

Control and Relation: Two Foundational Values and their Consequences [PDF]

Linearity, Complexity and Well-Being [PDF]

An Introduction to Complex Responsive Process: Theory and Implications for Organizational Change Initiatives [PDF]

An Introduction to Relationship-centered Care [PDF]

A New Model of Leadership [External Site]

Leading from Within - Palmer [PDF]