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Dr. Anthony Suchman, Senior Consultant

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We Appreciate Our Clients & Course Participants

“You are the innovators and early adopters on the Diffusion of Innovation curve. You understand the need for transformative change everywhere in healthcare; you can see the positive possibilities and you’d rather be creating the change than having it handed to you. And most important, you know that organizations are networks of people and relationships, not machines, so that the relational dimension of leadership matters as much as the technical.  You are dedicated to developing in yourself and in others a sophisticated understanding of human dynamics in organizations, advanced communication and facilitation skills and authentic presence. You have a vision for the kind of organization that is the best place to get care and the best place to work; we are honored by the trust you place in us to help you achieve it. We appreciate the courage, heart and spirit you bring to your work and we are committed to helping you succeed so that more and more people will follow in your path.”