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A new article on physicians' relationships with one another, a critical component of healthcare culture

Dear friends and colleagues, 

Given our shared interest in improving the quality of relationships and culture in healthcare organizations, I thought you might be interested in the article on physicians' trust of one another that I wrote with Rich Frankel and Ginny Tilden. It was just published in JAMA as part of a series of articles about trust in healthcare more generally. The series grew out of a 2018 conference on trust sponsored by the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation. 

Our article suggests that disrespectful relationships between physicians is a common problem and adversely affects the quality of care, patients' experience of care and the well-being of physicians. We also offer some preliminary recommendations. I hope you enjoy it and would welcome your reactions.  

The other articles in the series are also quite interesting, particularly this one on why physicians should put more trust in patients. It describes a critical shift in thinking that is necessary for clinicians to truly engage patients as partners in care, and puts me in mind of Ed Schein's book Humble Inquiry. (I'd also recommend Ed's newest and related book, Humble Leadership, coauthored by his son Peter.) 

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